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We develop tailor-made solutions for your business to give it the online presence it deserves. 

We believe that each company is unique, so is our approach.

By selecting useful solutions and applications, we will develop a custom-made, long-term vision for your company in order to reach new prospects and turn them into new clients.


Here below you can find some of our solutions:


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Feedin' Feeds

Feedin' Feeds is a one-stop-shop solution for your online presence on all social media platforms. We go further than anyone else and assist our clients not only by creating and posting content but also through continuous coaching and consulting.

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Flowww is a unique team of designers, creatives, and web developers, all ready to style or restyle your website. 


While respecting the balance between design and user-friendliness, we are able to create beautiful, dynamic websites for a reasonable price in a short period of time.

Mr. Briq

Due to high demand from realtors and developers, Quest for Clicks modified its solutions for the property business:
Mr. Briq.

It consists of solutions and strategies for marketing purposes on a daily basis and combines different online elements for capturing and nurturing clients, which eventually results in new sales or mandates. 

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Capio is a unique strategie and algorithm which will target your ideal clients based on their behavior on the internet. 

Unike social media marketing, which is based on interest and behavior on the platforms, Capio will target the prospects, based on sites visits.

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We Talk...

We get to know your company and its audience. We explain to you how we can provide added value.


Our teams are scaled to assist all types and sizes of businesses and industries in their quest for clicks. We have extensive experience in a wide range of public or private sectors.

We Develop...

We create a tailor-made, long-term solution for your business. We believe each company and each business is unique and needs to be addressed in this way. 

We Quest...

We launch our solutions and monitor them on a weekly basis.  Regularly, you will get a transparent and detailed report with the results and progress, accompanied by meetings with one of our directors.

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